Book a session

Via the agenda below, you can book an individual breathing session. The individual breathing session are in the Avond vol Aandacht studio Amsterdam-Oost, Commelinstraat 47 sous (close-by the Tropenmuseum).

The advice is to plan at least two weeks in between sessions. This way there is enough space to integrate them.

Costs in 2024:
* Individual breathing session €115,-
* Strip card 5 individual sessions €520,-
(person bound, valid for a year)
* Duo session €195,-

Prices including VAT for private persons, excluding VAT for companies.

Would you like to book a breathing session outside of the agenda, or do you have another question? Feel free to send a message.

If you unexpectedly want to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please do so at least 48 hours in advance. Appointments canceled within 48 hours before the scheduled time will be charged.

*In case you suffer from epilepsy, glaucoma, heart problems, psychological problems now or in the past or if you are pregnant, please contact me before. Then we can discuss if breath work is suitable for you right now.